Litigation and Disputes Resolution

We at Dr. Ahmed Al-Sgaih and Partners Company | Lawyers & Consultants differentiate ourselves in the field of litigation and disputes resolution in our ability to provide professional legal services to our clients through multiple, highly qualified and specialized working teams. These teams are able to deal with complicated legal issues and provide effective solutions to meet the needs and requirements of each client.

The scope of legal services we provide in this field include:

Pleading and submitting petitions and memorandums before all courts at different levels, the semi-judicial committees -such as the financial papers disputes resolution committee-, the banking disputes resolution committee, insurance violations and disputes resolution committees, tax and zakat committees, customs committees and others.

  • Submit the terminative services before relevant courts, such as (deeds of ownership, inheritors’ estimation, proving wills and trust) and other solutions.
  • Provision of judicial security, the division of inheritances and judicial liquidations.
  • Submit appeals, objection, reconsideration and other procedures of pleading and litigation before courts of appeals.
  • Claim to execute rulings (local and foreigner) and the resolutions issued by the judicial bodies and arbitration committees.

Our scope of services also includes everything to ensures the resolution of the dispute in alternative ways of resolution such as mediation and conciliation. Our wide experiences serve our clients well, as of our commitment to protect the interests of our clients and in order to avoid litigation procedures, arising costs thereof and prolonged dispute time.