Our work at Dr. Ahmed Al-Sgaih and Partners Company | Lawyers & Consultants in the field of companies and money markets is focused on understanding and covering all our clients’ needs, ranging from:

  • Procedures of establishing companies, finalizing the amicable liquidation phase and liquefying the assets and the movables.
  • Managing the special deals and companies’ governance.
  • Managing the processes of merging and acquisition.
  • Prepare the due diligence studies.
  • Registering the agencies, trademarks and the commercial names.
  • Establishing and protection of patent rights.
  • Support and representation services for businessmen and facilities in negotiations and up to finalization of business deals.
  • Legal representation in the Ordinary General Assemblies and the Extraordinary General Assemblies and provision of the legal opinion regarding the necessary procedures to convene the same.
  • Provision of legal consultations to the joint companies listed in the Saudi Capital Market.

In addition to other relevant services, all taking in account requirements for speed and quality standards of performance. These services coincide with the new forms of local and foreign investments which take place in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which lives in a distinct development which has led to an increase in investment opportunities by businessmen and companies in many business activities.